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About Sanly

Sanly T. Huang was raised in a family of traditional Chinese health and beauty care practitioners, dating from her great-great grandfather to her own father, a 7th generation traditional Chinese medicine doctor.


She learned firsthand from her family the foundational philosophy and traditional treatments that she now uses today as the owner of Sanly Beauty & Health Spa in Lisle, Illinois, just west of Chicago.


Sanly and her husband Peter, who graduated from Chinese medical school and personally formulates all Sanly products manufactured in China, moved to the United States in 1990 to bring her Eastern form of holistic healing and total mind-body care to America. "If you want true beauty you have to have the proper inside energy," Sanly explains. "We build your life energy and beauty from the inside out."​


Since Sanly obtained her Certification as an Advanced Beautician in California, she has accumulated over 20 years of professional success, capitalizing on a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry of aesthetic beauty.


Sanly's mission is to help women discover how to stave off the effects of aging and preserve the look of flawless, beautiful skin. Sanly brought with her a true belief in the benefits of using the traditional beauty secrets practiced by women in China for thousands of years. Sanly is determined to share these techniques, which were rooted in the proven benefits of traditional Chinese medicine, with women who need her help. 


​Sanly was bestowed with the coveted titles of Vice Chairman to the World Beauty and Health Association and is esteemed as an Executive Member of the Hong Kong Beauty Association.

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