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What is eyelash extension?


Eyelash extensions are a long-lasting, semi-permanent makeup solution that blends perfectly with your existing lashes. Dark, long extensions give you the look of mascara without the hassle, including the need to re-apply it daily and the risk of smudging and smearing.  Get the amazing, dark lash look without spending time every morning curling and applying mascara.

Extensions are customized. They come in a variety of lengths and curl options so you can choose the perfect look to enhance your eyes.

It can take one to two hours for a professional esthetician to apply a full set of lash extensions. Because extensions are applied to each lash, they will fall out with the natural growth cycle of your lashes, so you will need touch-ups or reapplications every two to three weeks. The process is painless and safe when done by a professional esthetician.

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